Asatru 101 Class

Event Date: May 12, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm Location: Morris County Library 30 East Hanover Ave · Whippany, NJ

Interested in Asatru, but not sure where to start? Got questions, but don’t know who to ask?

Well, have we got an event for you!

Our Asatru 101 classes are designed for both the beginner who wants to learn the very basics, to the advanced Asatruar who is interested in hearing new perspectives, and learning how we at the Skylands Asatru Fellowship do things.

Each class will have a different topic, but they’re all designed to be completely stand-alone. Don’t worry if you miss one – you can still show up to the next and get just as much out of it.

The subject of this week’s class is an Introduction to the Runes. We’ll consider the Runes and their appearance in the Poetic Edda. We will also look at the variation in the various Futharks. The class will also learn some basic rune skills including writing names and words with the Elder Futhark.