Condemnation of Violence

Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship condemns recent acts of violence committed by self-described Ásatrúars. Such acts, perpetrated against people and institutions that practice religious faiths other than ours are not representative of our beliefs or our community. We believe that such actions bring dishonor and disgrace to the perpetrators. Our Fellowship stands with law enforcement with the hope that such criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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  1. Violence should only be used in self defense against those who threaten your life and safety of loved ones, (realistically not through paranoid dillusion I.E imminent danger) Freedom for others to believe in other religions unmolested is something our fate practices and tolerates. Those who call on our gods in acts of racism, prejudice, or other ignorant forms of hatred will not be aided by our gods but by their own demons and when they die they will not see Valhalla instead they will know Loki’s daughter. A true Pagan of Asatru should live with honor, honesty, and pride for their own individualality and culture while still respecting others. Remember Thor son of Odin is a mixed race so racism in the name of Odin is dishonorable to the All father. If you want to do something in the name of Odin then follow his teachings of wisdom through wandering and searching. You can learn new skills and other amazing things from other cultures. This is the path of wisdom. The Vikings also traded with other cultures and learned new skills from them as well. We are not a practice of Nazi like propaganda so do not call yourself a son of Odin if you are a child of hatred and ignorance or we will meet one day and a true warrior you will fall to.

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