What Sort of Rituals does Ásatrú have?

There are two main rituals in Ásatrú; blót (pronounced bloat) and sumbel (pronounced soom-bull).

Blót is an offering to the Gods (or ancestors, or spirits). It can be anything, from an animal sacrifice (rarely practiced in modern times), something more symbolic (like a straw animal, or one made out of dough), items of value (like coins), things that took skill to create (artwork, weapons, tools, etc.), and the like. The thing being offered is destroyed or damaged, in order to make sure that it cannot be recovered and thereby taken away from the Gods. The central idea of the blót is that an offering is made either in thanks for something that happened, or in the expectation that something will happen.

Sumbel is ritual drinking. Toasts are made to either boast about what one has done, make an oath about something that will be done, or to honor a particular God or Goddess. In a very real sense words spoken over the sanctified drink during a sumbel have an impact on the real world. An oath made at sumbel must be followed through at all costs, or ill luck will result. Sumbel can also be used as an occasion to give gifts between individuals, helping to cement the communal bonds between the members of the group.

Sumbel during Sumarmal 2017