Does Ásatrú Believe in Sin?

There is no concept of “sin” in Ásatrú, in the Christian sense of a transgression of some divine law that can be washed away by forgiveness, or acceptance of some dogmatic concept.

We believe that wrongs committed are committed against individuals, and it is up to the individual (or their relatives or friends) to see to it that wrongs are set right. This concept applies to the Gods as well; for every wrong it is possible to regain balance by the payment of what is known as shild or weregeld. This need not necessarily be money; it could well be hard work, or some action undertaken. Such forgiveness is also not a blanket thing; each wrong must be righted in its own way.

Our Gods don’t have long lists of things that are forbidden for us to eat, or touch, or say, or do. They’re not persnickety that way. They are much more concerned with men and women living good lives, and the best way to judge that is by our reputation in our communities. They are perfectly willing to grant us prosperity and luck in return for praise and gifts. They leave the details of people’s lives to people.

Which strikes most of us as an eminently practical thing to do.