What is the Meaning of Your Flag?

The basic design of the flag of Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship was modeled after that of Scandinavian countries in general and Norway in particular. The first distinctive characteristic is the colors themselves. While the red, white, and blue theme is similar to that of the Norwegian flag, the exact colors specified in the Skylands flag are those of the United States of America. The precise tones of red, white, and blue exactly match those of the American flag—for we are after all an American Heathen kindred. We recognize both the significance and the challenges associated with being so.

Many Scandinavian flags feature Christian cross designs. It was clear however that this frequently-used design identified the modern-religious affiliation of many Scandinavian people, or at least that of the 19th Century when they were originally designed. Our flag features a symbol that predates the conversion to Christianity –the rune Elhaz. The esoteric definition of this rune emphasizes the relationship between man and the Gods. It signifies our constant striving toward the spiritual all the while being conscious of our roots and destiny.

At the heart of the blue Elhaz rune is a circular design that depicts the great Nordic hero Sigurd (also known as Siegfried in Germanic lore) engaged in his legendary battle with the dragon Fafnir. The tales of Sigurd are featured throughout our lore and especially in The Poetic Edda. Sigurd, with his great sword Gram ultimately slays the dwarf turned dragon, Fafnir. Sigurd’s mighty sword stabs directly up –symbolically North—into Fafnir on our flag. Fafnir, a symbol of greed and terror is designed in the image of an ouroboros –-a dragon eating its own tail –although our ouroboros has his ferocious fangs turned and directed toward the hero Sigurd. Here, the dragon Fafnir represents a cycle of challenge and struggle –-an eternal battle against the mythic hero –or those who gain inspiration from the old heroes, the old Gods, and the old ways.

The design therefore merges distinctly American colors with a Scandinavian design. It emphasizes our Ásatrú religion and our relationship with the Gods. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of history and the struggle and ultimate victory of heroes against figures of terror, chaos, and oppression. It is the ultimate symbolic representation of who we are.

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