What About Loki?

Published August 27, 2019

Loki and other Norse figures of chaos are not toasted or recognized during the rituals of Skylands Asatru Fellowship. We do not include them during rituals and no offerings are ever made to Loki or the various Jotun. Historically, Loki, Hel, Fenrir wolf, etc. were not worshipped by the people of the North. There are no places or sacrificial sites named after these figures. While we do not recommend that a seeker of the old ways worship Loki or the Jotun, there are a wide range of practices and beliefs among Northern Heathens. As such, someone who feels strongly about […]

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Condemnation of Violence

Published April 13, 2019

Skylands Asatru Fellowship condemns recent acts of violence committed by self-described Asatruars. Such acts, perpetrated against people and institutions that practice religious faiths other than ours are not representative of our beliefs or our community. We believe that such actions bring dishonor and disgrace to the perpetrators. Our Fellowship stands with law enforcement with the hope that such criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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How Do I Become a Member?

Published January 19, 2019

Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship is an active heathen community that holds religious, cultural, educational, and social events. We are not simply an on-line group where people can post the latest meme or complain about this or that. Membership in our Fellowship means that you will take an active part in our gatherings and support our organization and its mission- namely to facilitate the practice of the Ásatrú religion and to assist our efforts to perform outreach to non-practitioners. Our process for membership is fairly rigorous and helps to ensure that members will bring value and honor to our Fellowship. There are […]

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What About Politics?

Published January 17, 2019

Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship is a religious organization. We are not affiliated with any political party or movement. Members of our Fellowship have a wide range of beliefs from across the political spectrum. The words or actions of any individual member do not reflect those of Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship. Any member’s actions or words that may bring disrepute to our Fellowship will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by our Board of Directors and the Bylaws of our Fellowship.

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What is Ásatrú?

Published September 9, 2018

Ásatrú is the modern expression of the ancient indigenous religion of the peoples of Northern Europe. It is the worship of the gods of Asgard; Odin, Thor, Freya, and many more. It is also the worship of the spirits of the land, who dwell in springs, stones, trees, and rivers, as well as the honoring of our ancestors, who help make us who we are. The Gods We worship those gods who were worshiped by our ancestors prior to the conversion of the North to Christianity. But more than that, we believe that the gods literally are our ancestors. Odin […]

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Gylfaginning: Sealed in Secret Language

Published May 5, 2018

By Donald van den Andel. One of the most important texts available for Ásatrúar (and others interested in the study of the Norse religion or Icelandic literature) is Snorri Sturluson’s Edda, sometimes referred to as the “Prose Edda” or the “Younger Edda” to differentiate it from mythological and heroic poems normally referred to as the “Poetic Edda” or “Elder Edda.”[1] Sturluson’s thirteenth century work is composed of three parts of which Gylfaginning (“The Tricking of Gylfi”) is the most popular and certainly the most influential. It is this section, which recounts the fantastic tales of the Norse Gods, that has […]

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What Are Your Rituals Like?

Published January 4, 2016

The first great ritual of Asatru is known as blót (blessing). Historically heathen rituals were bloody affairs. Oftentimes an animal was sacrificed to the Gods or to a specific God in order to win favor for a good crop or perhaps victory in battle. At times other times of food were used as an offering, these could be various crops or even an offering of ale or mead. It is said that there were even human sacrifices, most prominently offered to Odin and that such offerings may have occurred at the temple at Uppsala in Sweden. Today, typically an offering […]

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What if my ancestors aren’t European?

Published November 28, 2015

Just as Asatru is the ancestral faith of people whose ancestors hailed from northern and western Europe, so too are there ancestral faiths for all peoples, prior to the coming of the monotheistic faiths like Christianity and Islam. If you’re not of European ancestry, yet still feel a strong pull towards Asatru or the gods of the North, we strongly encourage you to explore the faith of your own ancestors before trying ours. It’s very possible that you’re feeling a genuine pull towards an ancestral faith, but just haven’t found the one that’s truly right for you. There are plenty of […]

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What’s the role of women in Ásatrú?

Published January 22, 2015

Pre-Christian Germanic culture held women in high esteem, and contemporary Ásatrú does as well. Historically, women were equal before the law in terms of rights; they could own property, act as witnesses in legal disputes, and divorce their husbands. Indeed, in many ways women were placed above men; they were considered to be the ones who ran the household, which is why the symbolic passing of the keys to the wife was so significant; it marked her as the one who was in charge. Women warriors were also not unknown, and modern archaeology leads us to believe female warriors were even […]

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