What if my Ancestors aren’t European?

Just as Ásatrú is the ancestral faith of people whose ancestors hailed from northern and western Europe, so too are there ancestral faiths for all peoples, prior to the coming of the monotheistic faiths like Christianity and Islam.

If you’re not of European ancestry, yet still feel a strong pull towards Ásatrú or the Gods of the North, we strongly encourage you to explore the faith of your own ancestors before trying ours. It’s very possible that you’re feeling a genuine pull towards an ancestral faith, but just haven’t found the one that’s truly right for you.

There are plenty of other ancestral faiths out there, and doubtless one will speak to your true ancestral folk-soul, whether your ancestors were from Africa, Greece, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Central America, or elsewhere. The Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors are rising up against the soul-crushing monotheist religions, as well as the soul-denying materialism of the modern world.

We believe everyone should be in touch with, and honor, the traditions and faith of their ancestors. We gladly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who acknowledge this, and who want to worship the Gods of their ancestors, just as we worship the Gods of ours.

If after your exploration, you still believe Ásatrú is your chosen path, you’re welcome to join us at one of our upcoming events.

Come home to Ásatrú!